Saturday, June 19, 2010

Poorvaswara Lopa Sandhiya, Singhalese grammar dictum

Like a weather-beaten tree, the genealogy of their progeny encountered tremendous changes when going through many centuries, different countries, dynasties and political hurricanes. Couple of years ago Hashim Zeyan made a shocking discovery when researching his obscured ancestry.His surname buried by the Kandiyan progeny has surfaced misspelled when unearthed as Ziyaan and had continued since then up to the 21st century.The name has duly rectified by Hashim Zeyan recently after cross checking with the family historyAccumulated evidences suggested the culprit could be a Singhalese grammar dictum known as Poorvaswara Lopa Sandhiya, which allows tongue twisting words effortlessly pronounceable by omitting and substituting letters within the words in question.